Build castles in the sky but don't leave a mess

New Build Cleaning

Bring that finish date a little closer

As the end of a new build or refurbishment project approaches, a great sense of achievement begins to develop, so it can be frustrating to know that there is still so much cleaning to organise. At Dunedin FM, we ensure that all aspects of cleaning are taken care of at the end of a project, so you can simply bask in the success of its completion.

There is nothing that we don’t tend to. We clean windows, tracks and frames, sweep and scrape floors in order to remove remains of plaster and cement, vacuum and mop where necessary, remove plastic protective coverings from fixtures such as sinks and other domestic appliances, ensure all light and electrical sockets are free from dust and dirt and dust and shine bathroom appliances. We can also maintain the cleanliness of a site while building is taking place, and tend to construction crew areas, such as recreation rooms, mobile offices and bathrooms. All of this work is carried out to a highly professional standard.