Joinery services to get you out of the woods


Expertise in woodwork and joinery

We know that DIY is popular these days, and we know that people often strive to get a job done themselves. However, do you ever find that you’ll start a job and then never really finish it? Is that kitchen you started working on years ago still redundant? Sometimes you just need a specialist. We work with trade professionals that are highly experienced in the construction industry. Every project we take on is of a high importance to us, and we ensure that our products are designed to last a lifetime. We don’t just value the significance of quality and performance in our products, we value the significance of beauty and amenity too.

At Dunedin FM, we also take the time to make sure that our products are simple to maintain. We want you to enjoy the results of our work, so put your faith in us and we won’t disappoint you. We know there are a lot of joinery companies out there, but we challenge you to find one with the same passions for quality, endurance and beauty. If you can’t see the wood through the trees – it’s Dunedin FM.